40 Foot Mega Yurt at the Fringe 2016

A brief History and origin of this 12 mtre diameter Yurt 

This Turkic, Central Asian Nomadic Trellised Tent orginates from a little village in Kyrgyzstan 

It is one of the largest in the world of its kind, constructed of a steamed bent, Central Asian Willow Trellis, which supports 120 Scottish coppiced 5 mtre ash rafters, harvested from The Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park. The 4 mtre crown-ring is is also constructed from locally sourced Scottish ash.

The project of constructing this structure began in the winter of 2010, when I made a trip to Kyrgyzstan to meet up, once more, with Yurt Masters and help begin the process of coppicing and working on the willow components to the yurt. Once the trellissing and rafters were completed, it was sent by air to my workshop by Stirling, Scotland. From then a crown ring was steamed and finally assembled and measured for its canvass covering undertaken by Spirits Intent who specialize in sewing for yurt makers. Its first outing was for the Big Tent Festival at Falkland Palace 2010. Since then the 40 foot yurt has provide space for weddings and  parties , arts  and theatre projects. We, at Red Kite Yurts, have recently  refurbished The Tent replacing all the rafters and uprights, and provided a secondary canvass cover to combat inclement Scottish weather conditions. A woollen felted lining from Kyrgyzstan, offers warmth and sound protection for theatre events.  
This is now our 3rd visit to the Edinburgh Fringe for the Stand in the Square.