Red Kite Yurts Workshop, Cambusbeg Farm, Callander, FK17 8LJ

Next Workshop will be 4th March 2017

Cost: £90 per person, including Coffee and Teas and lunch

Did you know that the Turkic nomads of Kyrgyzstan steam bent the components of their trellised tents, using fermented sheep dung?

            What to Expect

• An illustrated introduction to the nomadic culture and traditions of Central Asia
• An insight into the different ways of coppicing wood
• Steam bending the trellising, rafters and crown of a yurt
• Preparing a crown
• Assembling and dismantle the finished product
• Have a look inside our in house sewing workshop where we sew all of our own canvas
The course will be run by Paul Millard. Paul has over 15 years of experience researching and experimenting with yurts and has made several visits to Khirgyzstan to work with traditional yurt masters.



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